your credit. your control.

Business Solutions

Lantern Platform (White Label)Powered by beamAI

Especially suited for large financial institutions, the Lantern Platform can be made available for your customers, allowing them to take control of their financial wellness, providing you with a channel to communicate relevant credit offers and educational content to them.

Intelligent Credit Scorecard

Geared toward lenders and retailers, the Intelligent Credit Scorecard enhances information about consumers’ credit worthiness.  It allows better decision making on which offers to present to potential customers, as well as improved visibility into important underwriting credit factors.

Employee Credit Health Benefits

Provide all of your employees with access to the Lantern platform to become informed about their credit wellness.  Services include credit monitoring, score reporting, customized credit education, access to the Interactive Credit ReportTM, and more.

Predictive Analytics ModelsPowered by beamAI

Enhance customer loyalty, increase customer acquisition rates, and decrease underwriting risk by using our deep learning and machine intelligence solutions. Lantern and your internal team will leverage our consumer interaction data in combination with your proprietary customer data to jointly develop consumer engagement models.