Business Solutions

Credit Card Issuers, Retail Banks, and Direct Lenders

Providing the Lantern Interactive Credit Report keeps your existing customers “at home” with the only individualized and interactive credit report and score source. Through each customer’s goal setting and action planning sessions you will know which consumer credit product they want next, and how they are working to improve their score to qualify. Use our Offers Engine to present your customer with the product and terms they want, and you are willing to approve, when they are ready to act. Build a stronger and more trusted relationship resulting in enhanced up-sell and cross-sell results.

Lead Generation Sites

Attract more site traffic and engage those prospects who aren’t ready to move right into a loan application. Know their actual score range rather than ask them what they think it is, and gain other valuable segmentation data such as zip plus 4 and more. Your prospect now has a reason to share their e-mail address to receive credit report alerts and know when their score is updated. Through their Lantern sessions, you will know what kind of loan they need and when they are ready to act. Build active relationships so that you are the lender of choice in the right place at the right time.

Personal Financial Management Providers

The Interactive Credit Report compliments account aggregation and automated investment features so that your platform gives consumers complete holistic personal financial management information and functionality. Our education, action planning, and goal setting can be integrated with your cash flow and asset management features for integrated and comprehensive planning and tracking.

Employee Benefit

Employees are more productive and healthier when they have control of their financial circumstance and sound plans for the future. Compliment your savings and retirement benefits with the Lantern Interactive Credit Report so that your employees understand and can manage their consumer credit profile. Our educational content can support optimal use of credit and borrowing so that savings are also sustained and maximized. You can utilize credit and loan offers from your preferred providers, or use educational content alone.

Automobile and Truck Retailers and Search Sites

Understanding financing options and loan terms and requirements allows consumers to shop with confidence, make better choices, and raises your odds of closing a sale successfully. Potential customers will return to your site as they use the Lantern Interactive Credit Report to fulfill their action personal plan to successfully qualify for the loan and terms that secure a more expensive vehicle or optimize the fit with their financial plans. If your site or service is transferring warm leads to partners, credit segmentation data and preferred loan type and terms can be conveyed for seamless transaction closing.

Home and Rental Search Sites

Many search sites facilitate mortgage offers, but they don’t help consumers understand if they qualify and how to enhance their credit profile to achieve more favorable terms. The Lantern Interactive Credit Report can differentiate your search site and ensure yours is the one they return to. Consumers can access education relevant to their credit data and build improvement plans and monitor progress against their goals (typical score qualification levels for rentals and mortgage loans). You gain score and other segmentation data to direct qualified leads to your advertisers.