Lantern Credit Platform

Lantern Interactive Credit Report™

White-labeled platform facilitates a complete understanding of credit scores and reports, and empowers consumers to seamlessly manage and improve them.

Interactive Credit Report - Dashboard

Credit Score

Detailed Credit Score chart for the consumer

Score Change Prediction

Predicted change to a consumer’s score with the selected actions

Credit Score Link

Navigation link to score education material

Pending Actions

Indication of selected actions that are simulated but not yet executed

Purchase Goals

Every consumer can set their own personalized goals

Educational Materials

Navigation link to score education materials

Interactive Credit Report - Key Features

Interactive Credit Report - Differentiators

beamAI: White-Box Machine Learning

beamAI produces white-box models that enable descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive modeling.

Proprietary and Confidential beamAI powers the Lantern Platform:
  • Enables personalized goal setting, modeling, and planning
  • Accurately predict and model credit score changes
  • Precisely match consumer profiles to tailored credit offers
  • Improves consumer engagement and portfolio performance
beamAI Platform is available independently to:
  • Enhance feature discovery and generate white-box score cards
  • Provide insights to internal risk, marketing, and BI teams
  • Increase approval accuracy, performance predictions, offer targeting
  • Facilitate evolution from predictive models to prescriptive models