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Why Are Banks Closed on Sundays?

Why Are Banks Closed on Sunday?
Jacqueline DeMarco
Jacqueline DeMarcoUpdated August 11, 2023
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The weekends are when most of us catch up on our errands, but one errand that can be hard to check off the weekend's to-do list is stopping by the bank. Unfortunately, most banks aren’t open on Sunday.Let’s take a closer look at why banks are typically closed on Sunday, what select banks are open that day of the week, and what other options consumers have for managing their financial life on Sundays.

Have Banks Always Been Closed on Sunday?

Yes, banks and credit unions have traditionally been closed on Sundays. Most banks close their doors on Sunday to give their employees some well-deserved time off. Sunday is an ideal day to pause banking operations, as the stock market is closed on the weekend, as well. Unfortunately for consumers who work nine-to-five jobs on the weekdays, the weekends are often a better time for them to visit the bank.Usually, banks are only open on business days, which is typically Monday through Friday, unless a legal holiday occurs on one of those days. However, more and more banks are open for limited hours on Saturdays (and some on Sundays) to accommodate the needs of those working during the week.

Banks with Sunday Hours

The good news is that there are some banks with Sunday hours available. These hours may be limited, but they do give customers a chance to catch up on their banking chores. Below are some examples of banks that offer Sunday hours, but it’s worth noting that not every single one of their branches may be open on Sundays. It’s always a good idea to confirm a bank’s operating hours before driving over. 
  • American Savings Bank. Out of 37 branch locations in Hawaii, eight are open on Sundays. 
  • Apple Bank. For limited hours, some of the 80 branch locations of Apple Bank in New York City remain open on Sundays. 
  • Chase Bank. Some of Chase Bank’s almost 5,000 branch locations offer Sunday hours. 
  • Fifth Third Bank. In the Midwest and Southeast, customers of Fifth Third Bank may have access to a branch location on Sundays.
  • TD Bank. TD Bank offers extended hours on the weekend, including limited operating hours on Sundays.
  • Valley National Bank. With over 200 branches in select states, Valley National Bank customers can access open branch locations on Sundays for a few select hours.

Are ATMs Open on Sundays?

If someone needs to withdraw cash or deposit a check into their bank account on a Sunday, they may be able to turn to an ATM as a solution. ATMs have the technical capability of being open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but that doesn’t mean they’re always accessible. Some ATMs are open all the time if they are in a public place, such as outside a bank. Others, however, are located inside banks or shopping centers and aren’t accessible unless that establishment is open. That being said, if someone lives in a populated area, they can likely find an ATM open on Sundays. Recommended: How to Deposit Cash Into a Bank Account

What If I Have a Payment Due?

If someone has a payment due on a Sunday and their bank is closed, they can try to schedule the payment online using the bank’s mobile app (PNC is an example of a bank with a mobile app) or website.It is possible to set up a money transfer on Sunday, but it can vary how quickly that transfer processes, and it may take one business day for the recipient to receive their money. Another option if someone has a payment due is to pay in cash or via check on a Sunday. That being said, scheduling payments in advance is the less stressful course of action to take. Creating a budget is a great way to make staying on top of finances easier. By sitting down and noting exactly how much they pay in bills each month and when those bills are due, consumers can make sure they have enough money available in their accounts to make those payments. Another way to avoid missing payments is to schedule automatic payments for their bills. In some cases, setting up autopay can even help consumers save money, and some lenders offer interest rate discounts to customers who enroll in autopay programs. If someone isn’t comfortable setting up autopay, they can always choose to set reminders to pay their bills on a digital calendar.

The Takeaway

Traditionally, banks are not open on Sundays. This common closure serves two purposes — giving employees a day off and not having to worry about the stock market being closed. However, there are some banks that offer Sunday hours. This is usually only at select branch locations and often is for abridged hours — not a full day like on a weekday.Many banking tasks can now be managed online, even on Sundays, but it can take until the next business day for a check to clear or a money transfer to complete. If possible, it’s best to tackle any urgent banking tasks Monday through Friday during business banking hours. If you’re looking for an online high-yield bank account, consider Lantern. Lantern allows you to compare multiple high-yield savings accounts at once, including interest rates, minimum balance requirements, and fees.Compare high interest online savings accounts and find today’s best rate with Lantern.

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