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PNC Mobile Banking App: 2023 Review

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LanternUpdated January 31, 2023
The PNC Mobile Banking App gives PNC customers the ability to schedule bill payments and deposit checks using a mobile device. Any customer with a Virtual Wallet® can establish savings goals, while those with a PNC credit card can access their FICO® Score at no charge. With about $553.4 billion in consolidated assets and more than 2,500 retail banking branches, PNC Bank is the sixth largest commercial bank in the United States, according to the latest Federal Reserve data.

Overview of PNC Mobile Banking App

The PNC Mobile Banking App gives PNC Bank customers the ability to view their account activity in terms of transactions and deposits. The functionality you have will depend on what accounts you hold. Customers with a Virtual Wallet account, for example, can receive “Low Cash Mode” alerts when their available balance reaches or falls below a certain level.Virtual Wallet holders can also establish savings goals in their reserve or growth accounts using the PNC Mobile Banking App. Customers with a PNC credit card can access their FICO score in the mobile app. Anyone with a PNC Virtual Wallet or personal checking account can send money to friends or family through the Zelle® network.

PNC Mobile Banking App Store Ratings

Here’s how customers have rated the PNC Mobile Banking App for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices as of January 2023:
  • iOS app rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (1.3M ratings)
  • Android app rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (220K reviews)

Pros and Cons of PNC Mobile Banking App

PNC credit card account holders can access their FICO Score in the appYou need a PNC credit card to access your FICO score in the app
Users with a PNC Virtual Wallet or personal checking account can send money through a wire transfer or the Zelle network using the mobile appUsers don’t appear to have any simple way to verify their annual percentage yield or APY deposit rates in the app
You can deposit checks into your PNC Bank account using the mobile appMobile deposits may have daily and monthly limits
You can lock your PNC debit card or credit card using the PNC Easy Lock® app feature to immediately prevent new card purchases and ATM transactionsThe app may not accept deposits from money orders, cashier’s checks, or travelers checks 

Pros of PNC Mobile Banking App

PNC credit card account holders can access their FICO Scores in the mobile banking app. This can help you see whether you have good credit or bad credit. Users with a PNC deposit account have various options for sending money domestically or internationally through the mobile app.Depositing checks into your PNC Bank account can be done remotely with the app, all without visiting a branch or going to an ATM. The app also makes it easy to lock your PNC debit or credit cards if you want to prevent your cards from making new purchases.

Cons of PNC Mobile Banking App

The app doesn’t give you the option of viewing your FICO Score unless you have a PNC credit card. Users with a PNC Bank checking or savings account may be earning interest on their deposits, but the app doesn’t provide a quick or simple way of verifying your current APY.

Credit Score Insights

As mentioned above, the PNC Mobile Banking App gives you the ability to access your credit score only if you have a PNC credit card. You can apply for a PNC Bank credit card, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get approved. PNC Bank is a debit card and credit card issuer.Having a PNC Bank debit card does not automatically qualify you for a PNC Bank credit card. Fortunately, it is possible to get a credit card with no credit.

PNC Banking In-App Customer Service

PNC Bank gives you the following in-app customer service options to receive help:
  • Send a message in the app’s PNC Help Center and get a timely response during regular business hours
  • Request a call or make an in-app phone call to PNC’s customer service team
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with a PNC specialist
  • Locate a PNC Bank retail branch using the app
  • Choose the in-app option to contact PNC on Facebook or Twitter 

PNC Mobile APY Disclosures

PNC Bank account holders may earn interest on their deposits, also known as annual percentage yield or APY earnings. The mobile app gives you the ability to view your monthly account statement to see how much interest you may have earned during any particular statement period.One of the downsides with this app, however, is it doesn’t make it easy for the user to quickly and easily confirm their current APY deposit rate. A customer service representative can help answer any questions you may have with your PNC Bank accounts, including any questions you may have concerning your current APY and any account fees PNC may charge you.

Transferring Money and Depositing Checks on the PNC App

As mentioned earlier, the PNC app gives you the ability to transfer money to friends and family and the ability to deposit checks into your PNC Bank account. Transfers can be done in the following ways on the app:
  • Transfer money between PNC deposit accounts you may have, such as from a Virtual Wallet reserve account to a performance checking account
  • Transfer funds from your PNC Bank account to an external bank account you may have with another bank
  • Wire funds to a U.S. bank account 
  • Transfer funds internationally to a foreign bank account
  • Send or receive money through the Zelle network using your email address or U.S. mobile phone number 

Using Bill Pay on PNC Mobile 

The PNC app has a Bill Pay feature that allows you to schedule bill payments to a utility or service provider. You can simply add a new payee in the app to schedule payments. You can, for example, schedule payments to pay your monthly mobile phone, electric, and gas bills. The app makes it relatively easy to schedule bill payments if you have the name and address of the billing company.

PNC Mobile Special Features

Customers with a PNC Virtual Wallet account can access a variety of special features in the PNC Mobile app. These features include the following:
  • A calendar documenting your Virtual Wallet spend account activity 
  • A Money Bar® highlighting any upcoming payments you’ve scheduled
  • Ability to activate “Low Cash Mode” alerts if your available spend account balance reaches or dips below a certain level
  • Ability to view and compare your spending insights by month 
  • Ability to create budgets based on your spending by category
  • Ability to create savings rules and goals for your Virtual Wallet reserve or growth accounts
  • An interactive “Save Now” feature that allows you to quickly transfer funds from your spend account to your reserve account
Customers with a PNC Bank debit or credit card can also manage their cards in the app, which includes the ability to make in-store debit card or credit card transactions through the app. We’ve noticed some glitches with the card management feature during our review of the app, where the feature became temporarily unavailable.

PNC Mobile Nonbank Features

The PNC Mobile Banking App can direct you toward multiple PNC products as follows:

PNC Banking App Compatibility and Details

Older devices may not be compatible with the latest version of the PNC Mobile Banking App. Here’s some information concerning compatibility and download details:iPhone: Requires iOS 14.0 or lateriPad: Requires iPadOS 14.0 or lateriPod touch: Requires iOS 14.0 or laterAndroid device: Requires Android 6.0 and upSize: 233.2 MB (iOS)Cost: Free ($0)Information accurate as of Jan. 30, 2023

Who the PNC Banking App Is Good For

The PNC banking app may be good for the following customers:
  • Those with a PNC Bank Virtual Wallet account who wish to take advantage of the app’s exclusive budgeting tools
  • Any PNC deposit account holder who prefers mobile banking over going to a banking branch or ATM
  • Any PNC credit card account holder who values the importance of credit score monitoring

Who the PNC Mobile Banking App Is Not Good For

The PNC Mobile Banking App may not be right for the following customers:
  • Those who prefer getting account statements and other correspondence via postal mail
  • Any PNC customer who prefers in-person banking at a physical branch location
  • Any customer who doesn’t trust how financial companies may handle mobile banking data

The Takeaway

The PNC Mobile Banking App can be particularly useful to those with a PNC Bank Virtual Wallet account. Virtual Wallet account holders can use exclusive app tools to help them control their spending and grow their savings. PNC credit card account holders, meanwhile, can access their FICO Score through the app.The app may not inspire confidence in PNC’s APY deposit rates. What the app does, however, is promote banking on your smartphone or tablet devices at a time when PNC Bank is reducing its number of physical banking branches.

3 Money Tips

  • To get into the savings habit, consider having 10% of your paycheck directly deposited into your savings account. Or, set up a small automatic recurring transfer from your checking account into your savings account on the same day each month.
  • An emergency fund is a key financial safety net. Aim to have three- to six-months worth of living expenses tucked away in a separate account that earns interest, but allows you to access the money if needed (such as a high-yield savings account).
  • To set up a simple monthly spending budget, consider the 50/30/20 rule. This involves splitting your after-tax income into three categories of spending: 50% on needs, 30% on wants, and 20% on savings.

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