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Guide to Gutter Installation & Replacement Cost

Guide to Gutter Installation & Replacement Cost
Susan Guillory
Susan GuilloryUpdated August 29, 2022
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Gutters are critical for routing water away from the foundation of your home and preventing damage. If you need to install gutters or replace them, it’s important to do your homework.If you’re wondering about gutter installation cost or gutter replacement cost, this guide can help. You’ll learn about the factors that affect pricing for gutter installation and replacement, plus options that can help you cover the expense.

Understanding Gutter Installation vs. Replacement

First, you have to determine if you need gutter installation or gutter replacement.Gutter replacement is when you have existing gutters and need to replace some or all of them. In this case, you’ll need to budget for the cost of the replacement gutters as well as fees for labor and removal and disposal of the old gutters.For new gutter installation, you’ll be starting from scratch and installing new gutters on the house. There are no old gutters to remove.While you’re working on gutter installation or replacement, you may be thinking about other upgrades you’d like to make to your house. Learning the average cost of a home renovation can help you figure out what’s doable for you.

Average Cost of New Gutter Installation 

When it comes to gutter installation cost, you’ll need to put together a budget. The average cost for gutter installation is $1,409, but the price can range from $900 to $5,000. Your costs will vary, depending on how much gutter you need, and the gutter installation cost per foot.The amount of gutter you need may impact the material you use. Gutters cost $3 to $50 a foot. Vinyl gutters are the most affordable, and zinc gutters are the most expensive. In addition, the size and style of the gutters will determine what you pay.On top of that, there’s the cost of labor for gutter installation. On average, you’ll pay $2 to $7 per linear foot for labor.

Average Cost of Gutter Replacement 

If you’re replacing some (or all) of your gutters, be sure to factor in the cost of removing the old gutters. In this case, labor generally costs $0.65 to $0.85 per linear foot. If your gutters are difficult to remove or dispose of, these costs may be higher.Your gutter replacement cost will be based on the linear feet of gutter you need to replace, the materials you use, plus the labor.Trying to figure out how much your gutter installation or replacement project will cost? This home renovation cost calculator  may help.

Factors That Influence the Cost of a Gutter 

When replacing or installing gutters, the expenses can quickly add up. Here are the things to consider when drawing up your budget.


This is one of the most important decisions to make. When choosing the material for your gutters, take into consideration the climate and amount of rain you get in your area, plus the aesthetic design of your home. Gutter materials include:
  • Vinyl
  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Galvalume
  • Copper
  • Zinc
Research the options to figure out which material makes the most sense for you.


Where you’re installing or replacing gutters determines the cost as well. Gutters on the second story of a home may be more difficult to install and therefore can cost more.


Labor costs for home renovation are higher in some parts of the country than others. So if you live in a suburb of New York City, for instance, labor will likely cost you more  than it would in a town in the Midwest.Get pricing quotes from several different companies so you can find the most affordable option. But remember: The cheapest one isn’t always the best. You want a company that does quality work, so ask for references, too.


It makes sense that basic gutters will cost you less than ornate, handcrafted ones. However, if the aesthetics of your home are important, it may be worth it for you to splurge on a fancier style. Gutter styles you may want to consider include:
  • K-style
  • Fascia
  • U-style
  • Victorian ogee
  • V-style
  • European seamless
Look at photos of these different types, and read about their pros and cons, to make an informed decision.


Gutters come in sizes ranging from three to eight inches. The larger and deeper the gutters, the more rainfall they can accommodate, which is important. Generally, the bigger the size, the higher the cost.

Financing Options for Gutter Installation & Replacement 

Now that you know more about gutter replacement costs, you’ll want to explore how to cover those expenses. Here are some loans to improve a home and other financing options that can be used for gutter installation and replacement.


With a HELOC, which stands for home equity line of credit, you borrow against the equity you have in your home. It gives you access to a certain amount of money that you can borrow from, repay, and borrow from again. (The downside: If you don’t make your payments, you could put your home at risk of foreclosure.)

 Home Equity Loan

A home equity loan is similar to a HELOC in that you’re borrowing against the equity in your home, but instead of a line of credit, you receive a lump sum of cash that you can use for gutter costs or other home renovation expenses.(Like a HELOC, you could lose your home if you don’t pay off the loan.)

Credit Card 

You can use a credit card to cover gutter replacement cost. Look for a card that has 0% interest for the first few months, and you won’t pay any extra fees to charge the amount you need for your gutter project. And if you use a rewards card, you can earn points for the gutter project purchase as well that you can redeem later for cash back, travel, or other perks.

 Personal Loans

Taking out a personal loan for the gutter installment or replacement may also be worth considering. There are many personal loan uses, including home repair and renovation. Interest rates vary widely. The better your credit score, the better terms you may qualify for. Check personal loan requirements to see what you’re eligible for.

Personal Loans for Home Improvements

Now that you’ve learned about gutter installation and replacement costs, you may need help figuring out how to pay for them. Lantern by SoFi can make the process easier. With just one application, you’ll get access to quotes for a personal loan.

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