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17 Remote Jobs for College Students

17 Remote Jobs for College Students
Jacqueline DeMarco
Jacqueline DeMarcoUpdated October 12, 2022
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Finding a part-time job can be rewarding, but it can also be tricky when you are a college student. If you don’t have a car, you’re typically limited to on-campus jobs. And if you’re taking a lot of classes, holding down a steady job can be challenging. The solution: Working remotely. There are some great online jobs for college students that allow you to work from your dorm room or home on your schedule and earn good money. Here are some of the best online jobs for college students. 

Working From Your Dorm Room

It’s easier than ever these days to find a job that can be done from home, thanks to the growing number of remote job opportunities. Whether you want some spending money or you’re looking for ideas for repaying student loans, you can make some extra cash. And as a bonus, freelancing is a great way to find out if you like being self-employedThese remote jobs for college students have the potential for decent pay and an enjoyable working experience. And they won't cut into your credit hours at school. 

1. Online Tutoring

The job: You can tutor students in elementary school, high school, or even college virtually over video chat. There are online platforms designed to connect you with students who need tutoring. Or, you can try spreading word about your tutoring services through social media or by creating and posting flyers. Pay: $13 to $20 an hourPros: Tutoring is one of the most convenient and best jobs for college students and is relatively low-stress. Cons: It can be difficult to get enough ongoing tutoring work. And because of the schedules of both tutor and client, set hours aren’t always guaranteed each week. 

 2. Writing Resumes

The job: English majors may find that one of the best remote jobs for college students is writing resumes. Not only is this a good way to make money, but offering resume writing services can help you prepare for your own future job search. You can advertise your resume services online to find clients. Pay: $15 to $25 an hourPros: Students can learn a lot about different career paths by writing resumes. Cons: Similar to tutoring, writing resumes can be an inconsistent job. 

 3. Data Entry

The job: This role is a good fit for you if you’re detail oriented. It involves taking data from one source and properly inputting it into another system, such as a spreadsheet. You can find data entry jobs on online job boards. Pay: $9 to $16Pros: Data entry is one of the better options for online jobs for college students with no experience. Typically, all you need is a computer and an internet connection.Cons: The pay is on the lower side and the work can be tedious. However, if you’re having trouble finding enough data entry work to get a steady stream of money coming in, refinancing student loans while in school may be able to help take some of the pressure off.Recommended: 6 Pros and Cons of Student Loan Refinancing

4.  Managing Social Media Accounts

The job: Creating and posting social media content. Managing social media accounts can be one of the great job ideas for college students. You can find this type of work by searching online job boards. Also, contact local businesses directly and offer your services.Pay: $20 to $70 an hourPros: Social media work can be one of the higher paying work from home jobs for college students if the student has experience in social media and with all the different platforms.Cons: If you don’t have much social media experience, it can be hard to convince someone to hire you. 

 5. Blogging

The job: Students can launch their own blog. To help make money, choose a topic that interests you and also provides value to those who read your blog. If you become knowledgeable in the subject, you may be able to earn money through sponsored posts and advertising.Pay: VariesPros: Starting a blog may be one of the most fun summer jobs for college studentsCons: There is no guaranteed pay day. Even if  the blog does start to generate income, the money can vary greatly. 

 6. Search Engine Evaluation

The job: Search engines need people to scrutinize search results and provide feedback on their quality, accuracy, and helpfulness. You can find search engine evaluation jobs online. Pay: $12 to $15 an hourPros: The work is low stress and not difficult. Cons: It can be quite tedious. 

 7. Freelance Writing

The job: If you love to write, and you’re good at it, offer your freelance writing and copywriting services to businesses. You can find freelance writing opportunities online, and you can also approach local businesses directly and ask if they need help with it.  Pay: $50 or more per articlePros: This is a potentially lucrative role that can help you build a strong resume if you’re looking for a career in writing.Cons: Unless (and until) you have writing experience, it can take a long time to get higher rates for your work. 

 8. Freelance Copy Editing/Proofreading

The job: If you have a knack for spotting errors in articles and/or you know how to make someone else’s writing grammatically accurate and read better overall, this could be a good option for you. You can find part-time proofreading and copy editing jobs online.Pay: $50 or more per articlePros: This work can pay quite well. Those who enjoy polishing and correcting writing can find it rewarding. Cons: Like freelance writing, you’ll generally need prior experience in order to land proofreading or copy editing jobs. 

9. Genealogy Research

The job: This is one of the more unique work from home jobs for college students. If you’re passionate about genealogy, or better yet, if you’re studying the subject in school, you may be able to work with people to map out their family trees. Check out local libraries with genealogy resources for job opportunities. Pay: $70 to $700 per projectPros: Because genealogy research often pays on a project-based rate, if you work  quickly, you’ll be rewarded with a higher return per hour. This can be helpful if you're thinking about paying back your student loans early. Cons: However, if it takes you longer to do the research, you may not make that much per hour. 

10. Transcript Writing

The job: Working as a transcript writer involves listening to audio and typing it out. Many transcription companies advertise jobs like this online. Pay: $15 to $25 an hourPros: Transcript writing requires little prior experience and jobs can be fairly easy to find. Cons: The work requires concentration and attention to detail. It can be repetitive and  tedious. 

11. Graphic Design

The job: Graphic design jobs can entail designing pamphlets, websites, brochures, and even logos. Students who have graphic design experience can apply for remote part-time roles. Pay: About $30 an hourPros: For graphic design students, getting started in the industry before graduation is valuable, and may help with landing a full-time job later on.  Cons: Unless you have experience, you’ll have trouble getting work as a graphic designer. 

12. Video Editing

The job: Many students have learned how to do video editing—either in school or on their own. They can use their skills to apply to take on freelance video editing projects, which are often posted online. Pay: $20 to $45Pros: Video content is in demand, which means there are a lot of freelance work opportunities for students. Cons:  You may need to buy special video editing software to do it. 

13. Web Developing

The job: If you know how to build a website, you may want to explore remote web developing job opportunities. You can find potential freelance jobs online. Pay: About $36 an hourPros: The more skilled you are at web design, the more you can charge. Cons: Web developing projects can have a long timeline that delay the final payday. 

 14. Captioning

The job: Transcribing audio text into written form for subtitles, interviews, or other projects can be an easy part-time job for students. Check out online job boards for captioning opportunities. Pay: $0.45 to $0.75 cents per minute of video captured. Pros: This job can potentially make you good money.  Cons: You need to be skilled at the work to see a high return. 

 15. Translation

The job: Students that speak multiple languages can work for translation companies as freelance translators. The work involves translating documents from one language to another. There are translation marketplaces online where you can find job opportunities.Pay: About $29 an hourPros: You can make a decent income and you can put your foreign language skills to use.Cons: You need to be fluent in at least two languages and you must be proficient in translating documents. 

16. Creating Art, Music, Videos, or eBooks

The job: Students with talent and a creative flair can create and sell their own music, videos, eBooks, and art by setting up an online shop. Pay: The creator sets the pricePros: You can profit from something you love to do, like singing and playing the guitar or painting. And running a small business can be satisfying.Cons: It can be challenging to find customers for your work and sometimes it can be difficult to get your asking price. 

 17. Virtual Assistant

The job: Plenty of professionals need part-time virtual assistants to help them manage their inboxes, send emails, do research, schedule meetings, and tackle other small tasks. You can typically find quite a few job opportunities for virtual assistants listed online. Pay: $10 to $20 an hourPros: You’ll gain experience working in the business world, and it will look good on your resume. You can look for a virtual assistant  job in the field you’re studying in school. Cons: Students need to be detail oriented, organized, and dependable to do this job because their work reflects the professional they’re assisting. 

Pros and Cons of Online Jobs for College Students

Still trying to decide if one of these jobs is right for you? Consider the benefits and the drawbacks. Overall, these are the major pros and cons of online jobs for college students:
Flexible schedulingCan be difficult to find
Saves money on transportationMay require a high level of experience
Can help build resumeLimited hours

The Takeaway

There are plenty of great online jobs for college students out there, but it may take some time to find the right fit for you. To get the most out of a remote job, apply for positions that build on the work experience you already have, or that are in the field you’re majoring in or the industry you want to enter after you graduate. An online job that meets some of these criteria can help you earn money—and enhance your resume. 

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